Chairman Statement

Li Xiao Jing

Since its inception in 1984, BOCG Investment through exploration and innovation, has achieved sustainable and remarkable progress in its core businesses. While continuously expanding its asset size and enhancing operating efficiency, BOCG investment has also optimized its business structure, diversified its financing channels and intensified its cooperation with other business units within the BOC Group, thus making significant contribution to the Group in its process of internationalization and diversification. On this basis, BOCG Investment will further implement the overall development strategy of the Group, maintain a growth momentum and with risks under proper control, seizing market opportunities and achieving a sustained and healthy development so as to make greater contribution to the Group.
Li Xiao Jing

BOC Group strives to promote international and diversified development strategy with the direct investment business being an important component of the Group’s diversification strategy. As the main platform for conducting direct investment for the Group, BOCG Investment has accumulated three decades of professional investment experience, and is one of the professional investment institutions in China which has the longest operation history and manages the largest scale of assets with the most comprehensive business regime.
In compliance with the Group’s diversified development strategy, BOCG Investment conducts its businesses in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas including corporate equity investment, fund investment and management, non-performing asset investment, and real estate investment and management.
Among them, BOCG Investment focuses its corporate equity investment on the companies with growth and stable business. By leveraging on the distinctive competitive advantages of the Group and itself, BOCG Investment supports the development and enhances the corporate value of the invested companies, and achieves investment returns through interest and dividend income and capital gains.
For fund investment and management business, BOCG Investment invests in non-first round private equity (PE) funds managed by very experienced general partners (GP). The value of the funds is enhanced through GP selection while the balance of risk and return is achieved by managing funds as a portfolio. Besides, BOCG Investment initiates and sets up PE funds as a GP to capture emerging opportunities, promote the transfer of production capacity, support the overseas expansion strategy. With effective value management and market-driven operation, BOCG Investment is able to increase investment returns and achieve rolling development of its business.
While vigorously developing our principal businesses, we have been placing equal emphasis on risk management and internal control, so as to ensure our businesses are in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations. We have also optimized our overall risk management system and continued to employ various kinds of quantitative models and technical means to identify, signal, evaluate, monitor and prevent all sorts of risks. While enjoying a fast growth, we have maintained the continuous improvement of asset quality and enhancement of financial position as well as the proper configuration of asset structure and diversification of revenue sources.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my gratitude to our shareholder, customers, business counterparts, partners and friends from various sectors who always show care for BOCG Investment’s development. I also wish to express my sincere thanks to all members of the Board of Directors, the senior management and every employee of BOCG Investment. Looking forward, BOCG Investment will further strengthen its mission, responsibility and sense of innovation, continue to serve the overall development strategy of the Group, and be committed to becoming a leading professional investment management company in the market. We strongly believe that, with the care, guidance and help from our shareholder and friends from different sectors, BOCG Investment will certainly maintain its current momentum of steady development, generate greater returns for our shareholder and make more inspiring accomplishments at a higher operation level.

Yours faithfully,

Li Xiao Jing