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The Bank of China(BOC) strives to promote international and diversified development strategies and the direct investment business is an important component of BOC’s diversified development strategies. In December 1984, the Bank of China Group Investment Limited (BOCG Investment) was incorporated in Hong Kong as a wholly-owned subsidiary of BOC. The direct investment business of BOC has distinctive strengthens and competitive edges and the Company acts as the major platform for the direct investment business of BOC.

As the only professional investment management company of BOC based in Hong Kong, BOCG Investment has invested in a great number of large infrastructures and major projects in Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and overseas, covering such sectors as real estate, industry, energy, transportation, media, hotels and finance, etc and contributing to the economic development in local areas and the reform and opening of Mainland China.

During years of painstaking efforts and development, BOCG Investment has been actively expanding its businesses by relying on the BOC’s abundant capital and extensive business network, displaying the superiority of unified coordination and grasping the ever-emerging commercial opportunities. It has thus achieved successes and gained rich experience, created its own unique skills, devising a fresh brand image for itself and constantly improving its market position and influence, particularly in areas of private equity investment, fund investment and management, real estate investment and management, and non-performing asset investment.

BOCG Investment will further implement the overall development strategy of the Group, maintain a growth momentum and with risks under proper control, seizing market opportunities so as to make greater contribution to the Group.


Development objective
BOCG Investment intends to develop into a leading professional investment management company with the support of the Bank.

Development positioning
BOCG Investment will further enhance the unique competitive edges of the Group’s direct investment business. The Company will continue to develop its existing investment business and further expand into the fund management business. The Company will continue to strengthen its capacity in value creation, fund raising, regional development and risk management so as to transform its operation from investment to investment management.

Company News
28 Jun, 2016
Chairman Li Xiao Jing attended Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited 16th Anniversary celebration.
27 Jun, 2016
Chairman Li Xiao Jing attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the Chinese Banking Association of Hong Kong.
6 Apr, 2016
Bank of China Limited 2015 Annual Report - BOCG Investment
All-round superiorities  
Focused investment
By relying on its powerful all-round superiorities and strong business development capabilities, BOC Investment has invested in a great number of large infrastructures and major projects, covering such sectors as energy, transportation, and communication, etc, thus earning recognition in the market and satisfactory returns on investment. more
Principal Businesses
Private Equity Investment
Fund Investment and Management
Real Estate Investment
Non-performing assets (NPA) investment
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